Jackson put in a coffin in the pearl

Jackson put in a coffin in the pearlDaughter Paris tied him on the hand with a farewell gift of half a broken heart, pendant, the other half of which she now never takes from her neck.July 7 at Liberty Hall cemetery Forest Lawn coffin with the deceased opened.Sister of Michael Jackson La comprises its selection told the details of the ceremony.- When they opened the coffin, Michael was a snow-white cloth, " said La Toya. Family members kissed Michael on the forehead. It seemed that he just rested his eyes were half-open.PendantThe daughter of the king of pop Paris is going through her father's death harder than her brothers. Every day she only wears his favorite t-shirts. The walls of her room are covered with posters and pictures of his father. She often talks to him.Paris writes his father a letter, " says La comprises its selection, holding back tears. - Little Paris tried to hang on the neck of the father of the pendant, half heart, and when she could not raise his head, she tied a chain with a pendant around daddy's hands. Mate Paris left. Source: Jackson was put in a coffin in the pearl.

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