The father sells the star of `the Millionaire from slums`

The father sells the star of `the Millionaire from slums`The scandal turned into fame and popularity, which was in India the youngest performers of roles of the main characters of the film "Slumdog Millionaire".Little actress of Oscar-winning film, 9-year-old Rubina Ali, her own father Rafiq Qureshi wants to illegally sell to an Arab Sheikh for 200 thousand pounds sterling.This step has caused journalists who were posing as a married couple from the Principality of Dubai. Imaginary "Sheikh" and his "wife" who wanted to adopt the girl, did not cause any suspicions of Rafiq, excitedly joined in the bidding. Moreover, as the argument he referred to the fact that the family Rubies received nothing from the makers of ribbons to be awarded in February of this year, eight Oscars. According to enterprising father, he "has to consider what is best for him, for the whole family and Rubies for the future"."I determine what's best for me, my family and Rubies future" - quoted "The News of the World" statement enterprising father, who added that "in India, you can buy anything if you have the money". He stressed that the family got some money, when his daughter started acting in the film. "But they have not given us anything then. They paid us about 150 000 rupees. They talked about that will give us a home, but it's just talk," complains the man.Middle East Indian children, as a rule, imported not for adoption into the family. But it seems a little worried. Often they are used as sex slaves or camel jockeys, where kids get seriously injured and even dying. It is noteworthy that, when the "Sheikh" and his "wife" tried to shoot down called the father the amount of 200 thousand pounds, additional arguments have led the negotiating brother Qureshi. "Now this is special, not just a kid," he stressed. Is Oscar-winning girl!".

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