The ROC has shared the truth of Nikita Mikhalkov

The ROC has shared the truth of Nikita MikhalkovThe Chairman of the Union of cinematographers, Director Nikita Mikhalkov hopes that the favor of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill will help him in dialogue with the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.He urged the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation to indicate their position in relation to the conflict, which occurred in recent months in his organization, reports "Interfax".Mikhalkov began his press conference, which was held yesterday in the Central office of "Interfax" with words of gratitude to Patriarch Kirill for his congratulations, which he directed to the Director in connection with his election as head of the Union."I will read the last two sentences: "Yes, there will be your work prosper for the glory of the Fatherland, God's blessing be with you." For me it is a very important sign. I missed this support," he said. Mikhalkov."Now I, intuitively followed by the truth which I wanted to get across, realize that this truth is shared not only by me and my colleagues, but is divided and the Russian Orthodox Church, and therefore a huge number of people who live under the cover of our Church, and the sign for me was it's appeal to me, greetings of the Patriarch," he added. Mikhalkov.Also N. Mikhalkov expressed gratitude to his colleagues. "My second appeal is gratitude to my colleagues, those who came (to the Congress) - 3,000: I am very grateful to you, grateful that you heard and understood, as should we all gathered," he said. Mikhalkov.The Director expressed hope that the appeal of the Patriarch, and the results of the Congress of cinematographers "will give a definite sign to the Ministry of culture, which will be able to decide which side"."Maybe it will be for them (representatives of the Ministry) signal that we need to prove himself and his position," he said. Mikhalkov. Source: ROC shared the truth of Nikita Mikhalkov.

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