The health of the pregnant Yelena Berezhnaya seriously undermined

The health of the pregnant Yelena Berezhnaya seriously underminedHealth figure skater Elena Berezhnaya, which is now in the fourth month of pregnancy, is seriously undermined.Artist more weeks in the infectious diseases hospital in St. Petersburg, where doctors icily stated that she could lose the baby.The diseaseTwo weeks ago, Olympic champion felt sharply bad. Husband of Helena did not hesitate and went to the doctors. It turned out Berezhnaya was a virus - the doctors decided to urgently hospitalize the star. Lena, which takes the second pregnancy, without a break, and could not imagine how would have a negative impact persistent work on her health: she actively participates in the show "the Bremen town musicians".- Lena had a threatened miscarriage - admitted LIFE.RU colleagues Berezhnoy. She spent more than a week in the infectious diseases hospital.After the status of Olympic champion normalized, and the health of the athletes and her child was not threatened, Gentle was discharged from the hospital.- Lena is now at home, her condition a little better - shared with LIFE.RU friends skater. She now no one wants to talk: still experienced tremendous stress.We remind readers Helen and her common-law husband, Englishman Steven cousins are expecting their second child. A year and a half ago skater already gave her husband a son, and now lovers colleagues are dreaming about a girl. Source: the health of the pregnant Yelena Berezhnaya seriously undermined.

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