Tour `Rennet` almost ended in tragedy

Tour `Rennet` almost ended in tragedyThe plane, which was moving group, rejected one of the engines.The soloist of the popular youth band "Ranetki" Anna, Lena, Dance, Zhenya and Natasha, as well as the producer and musicians music band recently survived a few anxious hours. The team was headed to a concert in the city of Samara. An hour after the start of the flight, the passengers noticed that the aircraft's engines roared louder than usual, and the plane began to shake."We often fly, and it was obvious from the aircraft's something wrong," says Eugene "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - Frightened when he began a violent shaking and conductors nervous voice announced that for technical reasons we will have to return to Moscow." Halfway pilots turned the plane in the opposite direction. "Ranetki" tell that everyone, including flight attendants, sat with white faces, young children cried, and the girls were preparing for the worst."We suddenly realized that this might be our last moments. From his eyes tears flowed, we started to ask forgiveness from each other, hugged and cried... It was hell!" "said Anya. According to the singers, the worst started when the captain over the intercom asked to prepare for the emergency landing. The plane shook even more, and after a sharp impact on all passengers breathed a sigh of relief: "Sat!". Immediately drove ambulances and fire trucks.The crew assured the passengers that the plane returned to Moscow because of bad weather in Samara, but after a call to friends, it turned out that the airport operates in normal mode, and the sky is cloudless. Only one of the conductors of the "secret" slip and artists learned that were literally on the verge of death. In spite of severe stress, the team soon flew to Samara on another flight and already at seven in the evening, as announced in the playbills, concert started. Source: Tour of "Ranetki" almost ended in tragedy.

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