Son Vasily Livanov charged with murder

Son Vasily Livanov charged with murderInvestigatory Department on the city of Khimki of the Investigation Department of the Russian investigative Committee has completed the investigation against Boris Livanov - son of a famous actor Vasily Livanov. Man charged part 1 of article 105 of the RF criminal code (murder).As reported by "Rosbalt" in SU UPC RF, MO, on 1 January this year between the British singer and Chrome victims had a quarrel, which resulted in the defendant struck him several times with a knife.The court 34-year-old Boris Livanov, the measure of restraint in the form of detention. "Now criminal case is directed the public Prosecutor for approval of the indictment," informed "Rosbalt" in SU UPC MO.Recall that the murder occurred on 1 January in the early morning, when 34-year-old Boris Livanov, together with some 30 years of Chrome took alcohol in the house N7 on the street of Friendship in city Khimki - there lived the son of actor.In the course of a feast between producers, Directors and the victim had a quarrel, which resulted in the accused brought Khromov from the apartment to the landing, where she dealt a few blows to the body, and then at least three stab wounds with a knife in the chest and neck. From the received wounds Khromov died on the spot. Source: Son Vasily Livanov charged with murder.

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