Hugh Jackman told about their plans

Hugh Jackman told about their plansAfter a resounding success at the box office prequel "X-Men" Hugh Jackman told reporters details of some new projects financed jointly with John Palermo, one of the founders of the company, Seed Productions.All of them the actor will be engaged soon. First on the list is the sequel to "Wolverine". According to Jackman, the action sequel will focus on the so-called "samurai" story line, a hint of which were contained in one of the finals, coming after the final credits. Screenwriter for the film has not yet hired, although some time ago there was a rumor that it was supposed to be the author of "the Millionaire from slums" by Simon Bopha. But this information has not been confirmed.Both the producer will collaborate with the Studio Fox bought the rights to Personal security - Personal Security. The script for the film was written by Matt Lieberman. In this Thriller Hugh Jackman will play a tough COP from new York turned-bodyguards for the sake of preserving the security of a spoiled teenager: a girl always gets threatening letter about abduction. One of the producers of the film will be Michael Schreiber.Also Jackman plans and come to grips with the Neil Marshall film "Gimme!", developed at Universal. The picture is an adaptation of the novel by James Sallis. The protagonist leads a double life: by day he's just a stuntman, and at night works for criminals. Jackman is very happy with the latest version of the script, written by Hossein Amini. The actor said that it caught up the tone of the film with Steve McQueen.In addition to all of Hugh still hopes to begin work on the unfinished "Carousel", which is a screen adaptation of the Broadway musical that has already been migrated to the big screen Henry king in 1956. Now the right of the picture are at the disposal of the company, Fox 2000. Jackman together with his Seed Productions partner John Palermo says that the picture will be in keeping with the classic works of Rodgers and Hammerstein, but it is designed for a modern audience. Jackman will play a major role, and the place of his beloved character actor predicts Anne Hathaway with which he already sang a duet at present the Oscar ceremony.In addition the star of "Wolverine" next year plans to return to the Broadway stage. Source: Hugh Jackman told about their plans.

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