The Director of the Hermitage has banned Madonna to blaspheme.

The Director of the Hermitage has banned Madonna to blaspheme.The State Hermitage Director Mikhail Piotrovsky said that the intervention of the Madonna, which will be held on August 2 on Palace square in St. Petersburg, there should be no blasphemy. About April 15, RIA Novosti reported.According to Piotrovsky, the guide is located on the Palace square Hermitage requires assurance that Madonna will do without the profanity. "And although this is a violation of freedom of speech, but we on Palace angel with a cross," said the Museum's Director. He added that in his personal opinion, Madonna's concert should not be held in the main square of St. Petersburg.One of the traditional rooms of the performances of the Madonna - the appearance of the crucified singer during a performance of the song "Live To Tell". This room had not been endorsed by the Vatican. Two years ago, when Madonna performed in Moscow, the number of declared "blasphemous" representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church.In March it was announced that the holding of the Madonna concert at the Palace square is not consistent with the St. Petersburg Committee on culture and leadership of the Hermitage. Soon after in mass-media there were messages that the agreement is being finalized. Meanwhile, some experts of the culture Committee said that such a large concert will act on the city's monuments of culture as a natural disaster.In addition, the authorities of St. Petersburg have expressed concern that the Madonna concert will coincide with the celebration of day of airborne troops. However, the head of the interregional public organization "Afganvet" said Tulikov promised that the Marines will not disrupt the performance of the singer. Source: Director of the Hermitage has banned Madonna to blaspheme..

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