Tatyana Lazareva has become a stranger

Tatyana Lazareva has become a stranger Tatiana Lazarev stopped recognizing fans. This was written by the presenter in his blog on the Internet.Recently one of the most witty leading on national TV for not know colleagues and the audience - is the result of changes in the way Tatyana Lazareva.It should be noted that no plastic surgery TV presenter did not. This effect star had made, just by changing hair color. Your new image Tatiana demonstrated to the readers of his online diary, where she posted a photo with perky short hair and dark hair color."Now for a while I just commented on your photo Tatiana on the Internet. - At the same time look than the blonde's different from the brunettes. While one suffers Michael (husband Lazareva - approx. Days.), I rarely see, even not used to it yet. Imagine me now on the street won't, unless I'm wearing sunglasses!".

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