At the auction exhibited drawings of Hitler

At the auction exhibited drawings of HitlerBritish auction house Mullock''s puts up for sale 13 paintings, painted by Adolf Hitler, writes Marina is Correct in the article printed in the newspaper La Stampa.The auction will be held on April 23, it will feature the works of Adolf Hitler related, according to the examination, to the early 20-ies, when Hitler was still trying to make a living painting. The name of the owner of these works, which have, obviously, more historical than artistic value, is not called. We know only that the collector has purchased the drawings from the British soldier returning from the German city of Essen. The paintings mostly depict flowers, dogs, houses. Of particular interest is the portrait of thoughtful men sitting on the bridge. He is in the brown dress, he doesn't have the typical antennae, but the hairstyle is characteristic of the future dictator. Some experts believe that it is a self-portrait, others question its authenticity.Richard Westwood, who will conduct the auction, said: "Hitler loved to paint flowers, especially roses, and romantic landscapes with houses. It's not a masterpiece, but each of the works can cost up to 400 million euros".Two years ago in Cornwall at the auction was put up 21 watercolor corporal Hitler relating to the years 1916-1918, which he did in the trenches on the Western front. But these works of romantic landscapes. The drawings 60 years had been in the suitcase in the attic of a house in Belgium, which at the time was stopped Hitler.In Italy in 1992 in Trieste were also declared a bid, which was exhibited drawings of Hitler. But the lots were withdrawn from the auction, since that morning the Italian state declared the work "our archival heritage and banned to be exported from the country, writes Marina is Correct. Source: up For auction are exhibited drawings of Hitler.

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