RealityGirl terminated the contract with cusanelli

RealityGirl terminated the contract with cusanelliIn early August in St. Petersburg club "Debar" was the first live casting of the second season of the project - with the participation of Heroines and Leading the show. The headliner of the evening was declared host of the show Otar cusanelli.It had informed the media, patrons of the club "Debar" and representatives of the club business. The event aroused great interest among club audiences in the city. The day before the event in the club were sold-out and fully booked. Note that Othar cusanelli was given at the event a Central role.It was assumed that flocks to comment on the ongoing casting, periodically connect to what is happening in the room, chat with conducting evening Heroines of the project.But despite all the efforts of the organizers and repeated assurances Otar cusanelli's readiness to meet its obligations, after the show started, it became apparent that the Leading RealityGirl frankly it sabotages. Throughout the event, he took no part in the show, refused to communicate with the audience, completely ignored all the appeals of the Heroines of the show leading the evening to comment on what is happening.The event took place - thanks to the Heroines of the project, Roman Fedorov (Curley) positive and St. Petersburg to the public.In this situation, Owners and Organizers of the project RealityGirl forced to make a decision about termination of the contract with Otar of cusanelli.We acknowledge the contribution Leading to the formation and development of the project. But in conditions when one person puts in jeopardy the responsible off-site event, dealing not only concrete material damage to the project, but also throughout the evening frankly insulting and humiliating the entire team RealityGirl, including Heroines, further cooperation with him is impossible.During August, the owners of the project will determine the nomination for replacement barred from doing the show Otar cusanelli. Our goal is to bring to the project not only famous, charismatic, bright personality, but also wise, adequate, positive person.From the official statement of the organizers and owners of the project Realitygirl/ Source: RealityGirl terminated the contract with cusanelli.

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