Died Hollywood actress Brenda Joyce

Died Hollywood actress Brenda JoyceAt the age of 92 years died Hollywood actress Brenda Joyce (Brenda Joyce) - who plays Jane in the movie of Tarzan, the Associated Press reports.Brenda Joyce (real name is Betty Leabo) first appeared on screen in 1939 and spent six years playing in minor films, so-called category B. Fame to the actress came after, in 1945, she became a partner johnny Weissmuller in "Tarzan and the Amazons". Joyce and Weissmuller starred together in three films of Tarzan, released in the years 1946-1948. In 1949 Joyce appeared in the film "the Magic fountain Tarzan", where the main role was played by the successor Weissmuller - Lex Barker."Magic fountain Tarzan" was the last film in the film career Brands Joyce. Leaving the cinema Joyce for ten years took an active part in the support programme to immigrants, helping them to find work and housing. Recent years, the actress has been in a nursing home in Santa Monica, where he died. Source: Died Hollywood actress Brenda Joyce.

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