Drunk Sadalsky tried to command on red square

Drunk Sadalsky tried to command on red squareFamous Joker Stanislav Sadalsky took an active and not very relevant part in the rehearsal of the Victory parade, which will take place on red square on may 9.Walking through red square tipsy, 57-year-old actor began giving away passing by the instructions of the soldiers how to March.Popular actor, peeping with friends at a restaurant near the square, decided to teach the brains of young military strode straight down the main sights of the Russian capital.The trickIn the past, "a real hussar" Stanislav Yurievich could not bear to look at how mistaken the young people who will be marching in the parade on a holiday. The courage and alcohol, Sadalsky without much hesitation pulled military for sleeves and asked:Fighter, don't go, you go! - gave parting words artist. Good luck at the parade! And this... don't let me down, you hear?!Soldiers watched in amazement actor and as one promised Sadalsky not to fail. However, few people learned to plump and slightly swaying from the weight of the person striking the Lieutenant of the Soviet musical "On the poor hussar say a word". On Stanislav Yurievich watched with surprise, not with regret not only the parade, but simple and passers-by. Source: Drunk Sadalsky tried to command on red square.

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