Gosha Kutsenko ended up in the hospital

Gosha Kutsenko ended up in the hospitalGosha Kutsenko has recently been taken to a Moscow hospital, where the actor will spend at least a week.The famous actor was hospitalized with a high fever and high blood pressure. Artists were given first aid, and after that proceeded to a full survey of the body. Gaucher had to take a huge amount of tests. And ECG showed some abnormality in the heart, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets".Heart problems in Kutsenko's not the first time. And not the first time he gets on a hospital bed. The doctor recommended the actor to refrain from the excessive use of alcoholic beverages and to monitor their diet, but gosh did not follow their advice.In the blood vessels of the stars found numerous plaques, elevated cholesterol. As a result, the attacks of hypertension and arrhythmias occurring more frequently. And Kutsenko just 41 years old. According to doctors, now the body of the actor failed due to severe overloads and spring avitaminosis. Medics administered Gaucher restorative medication and began an intensive course of physiotherapy. At the hospital, the actor will spend at least a week. Doctors are hoping that they will be able during this time to get the celebrity to an active lifestyle.Recall that this is not the first time the actor gets to the hospital. Exactly a year ago he was forced to go to hospital for a course of preventive treatment for hypertension attack. High blood pressure affects and mother goshi, so this disease can be called a family. However, the actor himself has to physicians more often than his mom. Source: Gosha Kutsenko ended up in the hospital.

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