Stunning outfits of the stars

Stunning outfits of the stars Cannes in may to the time of the festival - a huge vanity fair... If someone thinks that they come here to watch the movie, he is mistaken.Movie here watch or bruised critics who want to write, the jury, which need to be judged, or business people - merchants, which selects the goods... the Rest, wearing butterfly dress with a sweetheart neckline, go to demonstrate to the public and the cameras exactly this cut, and the movie only inevitable load...In addition to the dress code, work on the red carpet Courtyard festivals are strictly regulated. Every step, every minute. Here allowed only photographers and television journalists. You can withdraw only on a single, pre-determined for each group. No interviews.There are no words, only poses and kisses.Those who are not super-old, use any chance to get into lenses. For these, the secret is simple: outfit brighter, the shorter step. After photographers will know who it is.The star of the television series "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria with her husband, NBA basketball player Tony Parker, 30 meters overcame 7 minutes!But Cannes is a standard of good taste. Following patiently waiting.The audience in Cannes need a subject for gossip, and stories improviziruyutsya on the go.Here and need a fabulous dress and excited the crowd...It is for them every day is a delightful piece, most important role is entrusted to the stars.They need time to be the crowd to wave to the camera and smile so that people roared.So passed several days festival...On the fourth day in Cannes was hot - not so much because of the weather, but because of Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau ...And yesterday at the festival sparked a battle between the two American superstars...On the red carpet, finally, walked Angelina Jolie, who, despite all the slander, was a picture of health. The place of the sickly paleness and leanness, which demonstrated the sleazy tabloids, came the freshness...Some even thought that Jolie gained weight...The actress was ravishing in a pink translucent gown ankle-length with a slit from the hip, leg opening...Low cut on the back also opened the famous tattoo of stars...However, before Angelina and brad enjoy the effect produced, as on the red carpet appeared Sharon stone...50-year-old blonde again proved that time simply has no power over her...Young figure in a stunning satin dress with a train...Dramatic black color and open legs...Mind-blowing toilets both stars have collected more than impressive crowd...However, the festival is not yet complete...We shall ! Source: killer outfits (photos).

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