Khabensky intends to marry again

Khabensky intends to marry againKonstantin Khabensky in the 38 years is going to marry again - family and friends persuaded him to interrupt the mourning.The artist choose a bride who would become not only a loving wife and tender mother to two of Vanya. After the death of the spouse, the kid still lives in America with his grandmother, mother-in-law Khabensky.With the death Nastya Khabensky it's been 4 months, and widower of Konstantin Khabensky have already begun to attack fans. Female fans by all means try to win the heart of the actor: give him flowers, offer to comfort her, envelop her, but Constantine does not hurry with the choice. The most eligible widower in the country decided that the main criterion for the choice of his future wife will become her spiritual beauty and physical health.- He admitted that he very carefully chooses a life partner, " says Michael E., the father of a close friend of the actor Mikhail Porechenkov. - Admitted that he needs a good girl to find. And most importantly - healthy. Kostya, not looking for double Nasty, no. This is no good... He just wants to be near a decent woman who will support him and give full motherly love Vanya.GriefFriends say that Constantine painfully experiencing the death of his wife. And why insist on a new marriage - according to relatives, this step can return Khabensky the joy of life. The love story of Constantine and Anastasia was like a fairy tale. The famous actor and journalist he met in a cafe. Kostya went there to drink a Cup of coffee and immediately drew attention to the cheerful girl. Khabensky was not a long time to think and he approached her to learn: "Kostya!".

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