Marriage Scarlett Johansson cracked

Marriage Scarlett Johansson crackedIt seems that a "perfect marriage" Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds cracked. Tabloid Fox News reports that the pair got into a huge fight at the end of last week, before the festival, Comic-Con, and all weekend the couple spent apart.That is how the sources close to the star couple: "They are very much quarreled before the trip to Comic-Con. After this quarrel between them, as if it were an abyss. Ryan refused to attend the conference, devoted to "Iron man 2" and told Scarlett that she went there herself. She, too, was very angry, and threatened that will shoot a wedding ring".This, according to the source, between Johansson and Reynolds has never been.It is unknown why a quarrel broke out between the spouses.But, reportedly, Ryan angered by their behavior not only Scarlett, but the producers of his new film "The Green Lantern". They were hoping that the actor will appear at Comic-Con and talk about the new project, but, alas, it never happened.According to eyewitnesses, Johansson acted like a true professional: she answered all the questions, smiled to the fans, posed for photographers in General, behaved as if in her personal life, it's not unpleasant.Let's hope that the couple will reconcile, and it will not come to divorce. Source: Marriage Scarlett Johansson cracked.

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