Zhulin has denied the rumors about the divorce with navkey

Zhulin has denied the rumors about the divorce with navkeyFor a whole year secular audience wondering: what actually happens in the family known coach Alexander Zhulin and charming figure skater Tatiana skill sets?Recall, first came the rumors that Tatiana has an affair with actor Marat Basharov. Then Alexander Zhulin got a girlfriend - 24-year-old figure skater Natalia Mikhailova.By the way, with Mikhailova, Alexander is very often published. Many have noticed that Natalia is very similar to the legitimate spouse Zhulin Tatiana Navka.And recently on the Internet there was sensational news, they say, Zhulin officially announced his divorce from Navoi. We turned to Alexander for comment.Is another lie! We with Tatyana navkey not divorced!- vehemently denied this news Zhulin.Tatiana Navka has so far refrained from commenting.Colleagues this beautiful couple say, Tatiana and Alexander, although separate from each other personal life, divorce is not going to file. Allegedly, they kept a great relationship and don't want to traumatize divorce his little daughter. Source: Zhulin denied the rumors about the divorce with navkey.

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