In Cannes we determined the winners of the `Special eyes`

In Cannes we determined the winners of the `Special eyes`In Cannes the winners in the category "UN certain regard". First place went to the film "Dog", jury prize - the film "Nobody knows about Persian cats", in writing the script of which was recently arrested in Iran, and then released journalist Roxana, Saberi.The Associated Press reported.Second place in the nomination went to the film "Police, adjective" Romanian Director Corneliu Porumboiu, special prize - the film "Father of my children MIA Hansen-Love.Russian films - "the Tsar" Pavel Lungina and the fairy Tale about darkness" Nikolay Khomeriki - awards received.In "Dog tooth" for example, isolated from society, family Director yorgos of Lanthimos talks about a totalitarian society and the mechanisms of manipulation.In "Police, adjective" presents the story of a young COP who is faced with the rigidity and formalism of the organization in which works. Own system of moral values prevent him to carry out the instructions of his superiors.The picture "Nobody knows about Persian cats" Bachmann Ghobadi devoted to rock music in Iran. A couple of young men after failed attempts to create his group tries to escape from a country that denied them the right to free expression.The remaining prizes of the festival, including the Palme d'or will be awarded on Sunday.On personal experienceJournalist with dual citizenship Roxana, Saberi, speaking as co-author of the screenplay for the film Ghobadi, received his higher education in one of the prestigious universities in the U.S. and at a Mature age, came to Iran. For a long time the woman worked as a special correspondent for several American media.Last winter, Saberi remained without work. Her Iranian accreditation as a journalist was over. However, to leave the country the journalist was not going. As a result, the police arrested her at that moment, when she bought a bottle of wine. First, she was sentenced to prison but later released and released in the United States. Source: Cannes decided the winners of the "Special eyes"".

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