Volochkova save on your wardrobe

Volochkova save on your wardrobeBallerina Anastasia admitted that he is now forced to save on your wardrobe.Anastasia tries to buy it for my daughter the best gifts and clothing, and for prima funds is not enough: "Recently bought Arish shoes - angry star. - Spent 7 thousand rubles. Me for my daughter, of course, did not mind. But I don't get a thing for that kind of money. It's too expensive for me," Volochkova told "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Honored artist of Russia in the boutiques do not walk. A friend of designer Svetlana Lyalina sews for prima all my clothes custom made. Anastasia says that such clothing is much cheaper.Recently a ballerina came to Udmurtia at the Tchaikovsky festival, where he performed with his solo program. The organizers recognized Anastasia very unpretentious. In her rider were listed only 4 towels, napkins, shower gel and fruit. She on the day of the concert hasn't been eating. But arriving in Udmurtia, after a 12-hour trip in the van, she gladly ate the coleslaw for $ 15 at local residents of some villages.In Izhevsk Anastasia managed to visit St. Michael's Cathedral. Despite performed ten dance numbers, Anastasia felt tired and climbed up to the belfry. "It was very high and scary, but I'm a thrill - seeker, so didn't stop. I was even allowed to ring the bells", - shared his impressions of a ballerina.Note that tickets for the performances of the stars fell. In Izhevsk the cost of tickets for the month fell by almost ten times. "I bought a ticket as soon as I heard that come Volochkova, - says the fan of the actress. - And I bought it for 2000 rubles. A week before the concert, they began to cost 700 rubles, and before him - a total of 300". Source: Volochkova save on your wardrobe.

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