Dima Bilan will maintain its own column in the magazine

Dima Bilan will maintain its own column in the magazineDima Bilan will taste the glory of Cary Bradshaw: the singer will now be reading his own column in the Russian edition of Billboard magazine.Write Dima will be a monthly column titled "Against the rules". As reported on the journal's website, "a leading Russian pop artist performs in an unusual journalistic roles. Dima shares with professional and enthusiastic audience of music enthusiasts to those aspects of his stage and personal life that do not come to the attention of gossip columns and television broadcasts. Unlike many other "star" magazine projects, Billboard presents its readers not just the branded name of the star category or texts created by the press service of the artist, and the articles that Dima Bilan is writing his own, on the same terms as any other author of the journal. Because of this, Dima appears in a destination for a live, non-glossy format "uncut.".

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