Ehud Olmert requires emergency surgery

Ehud Olmert requires emergency surgeryThe survey of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that he was in the US, he revealed an increase in cancer, which requires urgent medical intervention.About it has informed on Monday a press-the Secretary of the retired head of government.It is expected that the decision about how to deal with progressive disease, will accept Israeli oncologists after Olmert will return home. Physicians discusses options of surgery, radiotherapy, or a combination.Meanwhile, the family of ex-Prime Minister consults with a group of physicians from one of the new York cancer centers about laser and other surgical interventions. In addition, according to MIGnews, now we are discussing the question of where it will undergo treatment in the United States or in Israel.Recall that about discovered he had prostate cancer Ehud Olmert announced in October 2007. "I have a tumor of the prostate at a very early stage. Microscopic tumor that can be removed surgically. This is a totally harmless and curable," said Olmert over a year ago. He also noted that the disease not only threatens his life but does not prevent him to perform his duties as Prime Minister. Note that the Israeli public insists on the availability of information about the state of health of the state leaders once in 2006, then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon fell into a coma.A year later his confession Olmert resigned in connection with the suspicion of corruption. However, as informs RIA of "news", he continued to perform the duties of Prime Minister until March 31, when he was sworn in a new Cabinet headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. Source: Ehud Olmert requires emergency surgery.

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