Zhulin officially presented to the public his bride

Zhulin officially presented to the public his bride Coach "Ice age" Alexander Zhulin has ceased to hide a mistress. Famed figure skater, who for a year and a half concealed a passionate affair with his student Natalia Mikhailova, officially introduced her to the audience as his bride.Family photos 45 years Zhulin with Tatiana navkey still adorn the pages of glossy magazines. Below the signatures of two figure skating stars happy together, and no mention of the fact that Alexander long been ready to go to the registry office with another woman. By the way, is insanely similar to Tatiana.- This is my new girl Natalia, commented Zhulin appearance in the club's 24-year-old figure skater.It's amazing how actively coach, whose priorities have always been the mystery of his personal life, tried to acquaint all with a young lover, claiming to be a bridesmaid!- I will not photographed one, Natasha, let's go together! - Zhulin sincerely wanted dozens of party guests knew that he had found a new love.NovelBefore formally present Natalia Mikhailov his chosen, Alexander long to examine feelings of strength. Lovers for about a year living under the same roof, but a few months ago Zhulin gave the beautiful blonde to work on the "Ice age". The girl before carefully hid in the corners, became a full-time assistant coach on the project.- Mikhailov and Zhulin came together on the ice rink and went about training, " he told employees of the show, everything has long been used to it. Natasha coached our stars, they stuck with it.- My husband has a right to their private life, - said Tatiana Navka. - Including that he has a right to conduct business negotiations with women!Most colleagues Zhulin inclined to think that his business negotiations with Natalia Mikhailova can lead a couple to the Registrar's office. Source: Zhulin officially presented to the public his bride (photo).

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