The Georgians built for Saakashvili cell

The Georgians built for Saakashvili cellIn Tbilisi, the opposition staged a musical protest against government policies. On Friday night, several thousand people gathered for the concert, which was held by the brother of opposition leader Levan Gachechiladze George - famous Georgian singer and musician.On stage, the actor appeared in an iron cage, which, according to him, symbolizes that all of Georgia is now in prison. As reported by the "Вести.Ru" after the presentation, the protesters staged a March to the Georgian Parliament.On the stairs in front of the building people gathered trash, thereby demonstrating his attitude to the authorities. The police followed the course of the action, but did not intervene.Recall that the opposition forces have regularly called Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to resign as head of state. So, "the Alliance for Georgia has already started collecting signatures in support of his resignation. According to the leader of the Alliance Irakli Alasania previously, the Alliance issued an ultimatum to the Saakashvili and asked him to call a referendum on early presidential and parliamentary elections."The President of the country was not have political responsibility for the decision on appointment of the referendum and his resignation. Our Alliance has decided to hold a national plebiscite, and to start collecting signatures in favor of the President's resignation," stated Alasania. He also said that currently unites the opposition party "New right" and the Republican party, the Alliance is holding consultations with other opposition forces on the issue of participation in the protest rally of the United opposition on 9 April. Source: the Georgians have built for Saakashvili cell.

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