Guseva dressed for the movie in bdsm suit

Guseva dressed for the movie in bdsm suit Ekaterina Guseva seems to have got a taste for it: still not stopped talking about the fact that she is "pretty good" in the erotic scenes, and the actress is already in the midst of a new scandal.Available LIFE.RU got footage from the film "the Man who knew everything, that she will probably be hiding in old age grandchildren.After the Internet has got the video of 33-year-old Guseva boldly shows delicious forms, the fans picked up noticeably. But they could not think that their pet is capable of hooliganism larger scale. It turns out that for the sake of art Katya is not only willing to wear latex s & m suit, but ...let simmer for about your body cigar.This trick, which trembled even seasoned operators at the site, had to do with the actor Maxim Sukhanov.Catherine did not feel any inconvenience when shooting these scenes, knowing that her charms will be exhibited in the most daring angles, say crew members. - Even intoxicating she used masterfully, but almost never drinks.Source: Guseva dressed for the movie in bdsm suit (video).

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