Jesus turned Madonna into a housewife

Jesus turned Madonna into a housewifeYoung lover Madonna moved to the apartment of a star and turned it into a real housewife.After only three months after the first meeting of the 50-year-old Madonna and 22-year-old Brazilian male model Jesus Luz were living together in new York apartment of the singer, The Mirror reports.Three months ago a Brazilian boyfriend Jesus lived in Rio De Janeiro along with his mother, and now he prudently manages in a luxurious mansion world-famous stars in one of the most prestigious areas of new York.Closest pair point out that Madonna has changed a lot since the day we met Jesus. She became much softer, not as at the time of his marriage to film Director guy Ritchie. Jesus and Madonna completely dissolved in their relationships, in the evening they mostly spend at home alone with each other.To please his beloved, the singer even began to cook him a romantic dinner, although I never showed their culinary skills: "When Madonna was married to guy, and even tried to cook him. Now do it with great pleasure, say friends of the environment of the singer. - With Jesus they laugh a lot, they obviously enjoyed interacting with each other".As already known, Madonna is the supporter of a healthy diet and adheres to a strict diet, so her lover now too, will have to give up sugar, fat and fast food. Now the menu will only cereals, vegetables, fruits and seafood. "Jesus is now eating organic salads, brown rice and fish - tell familiar stars. Sometimes she indulges him with a slice of wholemeal bread, slathered with strawberry jam sugar substitute".In addition, at the insistence of the singer, Catholic Jesus began to attend weekly Kabbalistic service, where does he go along with their three children Madonna. Source: Jesus turned Madonna into a housewife.

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