The mayor of Kiev were bare, proving his mental health

The mayor of Kiev were bare, proving his mental healthThe mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky, known for his extravagant behavior, gave an original answer to the Parliament of Ukraine, who recently sent him to a psychiatric examination.Without waiting for the verdict of doctors, Chernovetsky decided that the best proof of mental health is its excellent physical shape.According to the Ukrainian Agency UNIAN, on Wednesday morning at the Kiev "Dynamo" stadium Chernovetsky completed an individual program of triathlon: first ran 400 meters, then pulled himself up on the bar 15 times, and then swam 50 meters in the pool. Coming out of the pool, the mayor played by muscles in front of reporters and "support group" of 20 pensioners, sarcastically notes the edition.After that the mayor, not change wet swimming trunks, made a short statement in the locker room of the pool. "I'll be brief. The philosophy of my behavior - I want to demonstrate not only to Kiev, but also throughout Ukraine that I am physically and mentally completely healthy," said Chernovetskiy. According to the mayor, today he ran, pulled up and floated for "to wash away from Ukraine, my homeland, all the dirt, which she poured irresponsible policies, people's deputies of Ukraine".Speaking of his fiery speech, the mayor of Kiev drew attention to included in room TV, on which were represented the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. Pointing in the direction of the TV screen, Chernovetsky said: "I Want to demonstrate that democracy in Ukraine is threatened by fascism, totalitarianism. Look at these people, they judged me today and want me all my life spent behind bars in a mental hospital.As the mayor noted, Ukraine is going to ensure that any political leader can be subjected to "humiliating procedure, driven to suicide". "Because being with mentally ill people cannot a single day, single hour, a single minute" - as assessed by Chernovetsky prospect of falling into a mental hospital.57-year-old mayor said that he was almost 60 years old, and he's still perfectly healthy, adequate, logically and philosophically thinks. As recalled Chernovetsky, he's a PhD, former Vice-rector for science, Kiev state University, with brilliantly owns themselves and their speech.Chernovetsky also told reporters that he was going to soon tell the world about what is happening in Ukraine with democracy. In particular, it will be made known to all ambassadors of democratic countries, the party leaders, the mayors of the three largest Russian cities - Moscow, Leningrad, Samara, and the President of Ukraine, Prime Minister Tymoshenko.Prominent political figures Chernovetsky plans to ask that "they commented on the horror of what is happening in Ukraine". "I want everyone to know that Ukraine is approaching fascism, totalitarianism," concluded the mayor of Kiev.Note that this is not the first sports event, which Chernovetsky wants to prove something. As recalled by the newspaper "Today", when in late 2007 the mayor was accused that he uses drugs, he's in the same way showed that it is not - ran on the stadium together with journalists and tightened on a horizontal bar.The mayor of Kiev is known for his eccentric behavior and non-trivial statements. For example, Chernovetsky has recently fired Director of the city zoo for the fact that he failed to ensure the elephant's food and found him a girlfriend. The mayor and his deputies took the animals under their care, and the mayor even stated his desire to congratulate the beasts of the holidays.Loves the mayor and Pets, especially her cat Yasha, the citizens of Chernivtsi gives a photo of your pet with its own signature. The mayor also surprising and their creative abilities - he sings songs and released the clips on them. About talents Chernovetsky writes even the foreign press. So, with reference to the British newspaper The Guardian on Wednesday reported that last week Chernovetsky has released a CD with their best songs, including cover versions of popular Soviet songs of the 1980s.The mayor modestly calls their songs "soul" and even compares himself with Vladimir Vysotsky. "It's his favorite songs. He has very good hearing," said the representative of the mayor.The reason for the decision of the Parliament to conduct a psychiatric examination Chernovetsky was the publication in early March in the Ukrainian media reported that the mayor of Kiev is treated in a psychiatric hospital in Israel. Source: the Mayor of Kiev were bare, proving his mental health.

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