Dibrov talked about their wives

Dibrov talked about their wivesThe famous TV presenter Dmitri Dibrov decided to dot the i and in an exclusive interview.Ru dispelled the gossip and rumors that were associated with the marriage of the famous showman.- Dmitry, around your person in the last time there was so many rumors and speculations. You probably learned about a lot of interesting newspaper. What were the last and most absurd rumors?- We are particularly amused when we read that Poly Botox in the head and was curious how I managed to change simultaneously and Pauline, and Sasha...Very surprised and even fiction that allegedly from the Fields we left the hotel and did not pay the bills.- Dmitry, readers Days.Ru would like to know, how to actually develop your relationship with Pauline. As far as I know, you saw it in 2007, as she participated in a beauty contest. Young beauty made a strong impression on you.- Yes, it is. Indeed we met up with the Fields on the beauty contest, it was a happy story until the summer of 2007. Then we broke up. Because it may be difficult for 17-year-old girl to take seriously the relationship with the man, the meaning of which is clear throughout the country. What she is honest with me and said.And after that started its 17 year life. I had, incidentally, a very difficult life, because she is fantastically clean, of course, I became attached to her and began to make plans. After all, a great happiness for a creative person to be a subject for adoration. But life is life, and we had to leave. It was the summer of 2007.With Sasha, we met in the spring of 2008, Yes, actually, I not only didn't hide the memories of Pauline from Sasha, but quite honestly told her about Pauline. How, in fact, Sasha was quite honest in telling me about all their boy-friends. Sasha lived 4 years with a very worthy man, I, of course, was notified.All this time with Pauline we strongly refrain from any contacts. Sasha is very accurately kept my marriage vows. Sasha, for that matter, and I could not afford anything of the kind. But Pauline was sometimes sent each other TEXTS: Pauline greeted me a happy New year and happy birthday. We are very afraid to see, because it's a different life. "It's a different family, and to pry into someone else's family uncomfortable," said her mother Pauline.But when our marriage with Sasha broke up - there is nothing criminal, nothing that would distinguish us from other couples. But only after Sasha willingly, mind you, she Packed up, here, not lingering, I came into contact with Pauline. When we met, but only after Sasha, we decided to start from the point where you stopped a year and a half ago.- That is, to resume relations with Pauline - it was your initiative?- Of course mine. You can't imagine how hard it is when you collect a suitcase under his nose, and at 49 years old it is much harder than, say, 23. And then, people "should not on Earth to be." The horror is that all go to the Registrar, believing that forever.- Why horror?Because weddings are pronounced in a toast for the young, that they died in one day, and in a hundred years. But mom, all of them crying, because I understand that it happens rarely true. Not to say that the wedding would be to turn the tale. Unfortunately, our causes of divorce with Sasha, once again, was no different from the causes of the million pairs of divorce, and to her they have nothing.- You started hanging out again about a year later. you were sure that during this time the girl had changed and realized that without you, she is also very difficult?- I am convinced that this is so. In addition, it's one thing falling in love and all that is connected with it. And here I was amazed how in these external qualities, you can save such mental integrity. And I was really cool to teach her new ideas of the existence of world literature, world art... It was very cool - for the first time to take Pauline to the Louvre and explain to her that this is not in this picture, in that smile, take pictures of both the Arabs and the Japanese and Russians.When we met again with Pauline, I'm picky looked into her eyes, something changed. You know - cardinal. Before me sat the same clean, but already grown-up, thoughtful and thorough 19-year-old man. You can't imagine how I live now. I one thing I want to say that at 19, I was not as wise as she. Maybe I read more, but life issues, emotions, feelings, issues in relation to the partner I was, of course, stump. Well, of course, will see what happens next, but so far I'm very happy because Pauline is just a gift of fate.Love is such a thing, in the fire of love should melt the pride that we, the people held, very difficult to do. We rather agree to humiliate the beloved to the position of a kept woman, than go with her to the Registrar. This is because we are very afraid for his own property and most importantly - for their own pride. As it is I, Yes to this? Love is such a field where someone suddenly becomes more important to you than yourself. But this can be resolved. Here's the difference Casanova from Lieutenant Rzhevsky. But by Pauline - the most beautiful and fantastic girl in the world for her too I else must be more important than she is. And I am glad to discover it every day. Source: Dibrov talked about their wives.

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