Rotaru discovered the secret of eternal youth

Rotaru discovered the secret of eternal youthPeople's artist of the USSR Sofia Rotaru shared the secret of his eternal youth. On 7 August, the singer was 62 years. Sofia Mikhailovna is considered one of the most beautiful women in the national stage.She gave the scene more than 30 years of his life, gathering a repertoire of 400 songs.Ageless Russian pop star admitted that the secret of her unfading beauty lies in harmony, well, and, of course, in genetics. "I'm not hiding that I am 62 years old. Just lucky with genetics. I swim, do the massage, I use those masochki and creams, daughter-in-law who brings Light in from abroad".All auxiliary means to maintain the beauty of the artist considers secondary. The main cure is to live in a beautiful house with my family, to visit relatives and childhood friends in his hometown Chernivtsi region, from which it is charged with positive energy. "And of course, I always love warms the audience," added Rotaru.Sofia Mikhailovna still boasts a magnificent figure. "I was lucky: at least I'm gaining weight quickly, but just as easily lose weight. Usually in the morning eat oatmeal in water or buckwheat, eating fish or boiled meat, but in the evening only allow myself an Apple or an orange, despite the fact that it is very difficult to resist eating something delicious," said people's artist in an interview with the magazine "7 days".In the morning of 7 August, the fans of the singer, according to tradition, went to the suburb of Yalta, Nikita village, to the house of the singer to wish her a happy birthday. If Rotaru on this day not at home, the fans leave their gifts and leave. So it was last year, when the singer family on this day was in Italy. This time fans are lucky - their favorite was celebrated as a holiday home. At noon the gate opened, and assistants of the singer invited about a hundred fans in a vine-covered courtyard, where was the sweet table was laid with champagne.Released to the guests the singer was greeted with applause and the song "Happy Birthday, Sofia!", and then the birthday girl handed bouquets and gifts.And in the evening of Sofia Rotaru celebrated the feast with the closest people in the hotel belonging to her, on the shore of the black sea coast. Source: Rotaru discovered the secret of eternal youth.

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