Spielberg is preparing `Indiana Jones 5`

Spielberg is preparing `Indiana Jones 5`In the framework of the press tour for "Transformers" Shia LaBeouf told the BBC in an interview that Steven Spielberg, whose fourth "Indiana Jones" actor played the role Jonava son, was engaged in the preparation of the fifth film.One cannot say that this news could someone stun: in the end, a year ago, screenwriter and producer George Lucas not only talked about plans to make another sequel, but, in General, offered seditious, namely to do in the new film the main character is not Ford, but as time Labera."Steven Spielberg told me that finally found the right story to film, and I think that now they have begun the training," now says LaBeouf, without going into details and specifying only that the film "will have no special effects".Recall that "Crystal skull", the shooting of which was spent 185 million, has grossed nearly 800 million, proving important in the twenty years that have passed between the release of the third and fourth films, the audience's interest in the franchise has not died away. And the studios in our times there is only one answer. Source: Spielberg is preparing a "Indiana Jones 5"".

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