Katya LEL for the first time became a mother

Katya LEL for the first time became a motherKatya LEL first became a mother. The 8th of April, at eight o'clock in the evening, 36-year-old singer gave birth to a daughter.In Moscow perinatal medical center Katya LEL arrived the day before the happy event of a luxurious white limousine. 33-year-old husband of Katie arrived with his wife. They had agreed that the hospital Igor will always be around, but during the birth itself will remain waiting outside the door.The couple did not know in advance the sex of their baby. During pregnancy, when the singer went for an ultrasound, baby was struggling and made it impossible to determine the sex. Was born a healthy girl with classical parameters: 3 kg 500 g - weight, 52 cm - height. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" reported that the name of the baby is not yet chosen.After a few days Kate will be discharged from the hospital, and while she is resting after such a complex and important process. As it turned out, the singer has no plans to hire staff nurses for a time to help her mom. But nevertheless, to fully focus on the child Kate had no plans. She already painted myself a training schedule and diet as soon as possible to get in shape. To creative activity, the artist plans to return as soon as possible.Recall, Katya LEL and Igor Kuznetsov, met in 2005. Charming a tall handsome man appeared in the music video the singer for the song "I love you", after which the couple stopped hiding their relationship. But then, Kate has chosen to pursue a career and not be married. The absence of a stamp in the passport does not interfere with lovers almost all the time to be together. Igor was accompanied by Kate at social events, supported during the filming of the clips. Married couple just last year without any of the sumptuous feasts. Source: Katya LEL for the first time became a mother.

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