Tatyana Ustinova revealed the secret of her weight loss

Tatyana Ustinova revealed the secret of her weight lossWriter Tatyana Ustinova revealed the secret of her incredible weight loss.In the form of Tatiana have been major changes. "I lost 90 pounds and felt like a blonde! "- so says the writer herself.According to statistics, a woman changes the image every five years, but Tatiana - conservative people. Whole life she had one image.But no mysterious stories associated with weight loss, Ustinova no. She had to deal with their weight due to medical reasons: "my weight was absolutely limitless," she says "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Doctors excitedly began to insist that so can not continue. But while Tatiana was not really bad, until it was finally exhausted endless swelling, she was not engaged.Then, when I started losing weight, the writer suddenly felt in her heart, she's a blonde. "Blonde is a special state! "she says.Tatiana has not invented a better way than diet Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya: "to lose weight, do not have to sit zhravshi," she says. Ustinova lucky - she doesn't like sweets, but loves vegetables.A total of Tatiana in three years dropped 90 pounds and now also continues to lose weight. "I never lose weight to the size of Sasha Pivovarova, obviously. Then I have 40 days can not eat, but I transferred to a psychiatric clinic... And I'm not going to turn into Sasha Pivovarov. Never," says the writer Ustinov. Source: Tatiana Ustinova revealed the secret of her weight loss.

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