Liv Tyler affair with personal trainer

Liv Tyler affair with personal trainerThe star of the trilogy "Lord of the rings Liv Tyler was photographed kissing with his personal trainer David Hirsch - the pair had lunch in a secluded setting in Westwood.Liv dressed in sexy black and white dress, and her new boyfriend in the green shirt and beige trousers could not break away from each other, as they walked from the restaurant to his car. Several times they stopped to make out-to kiss. Liv looked in love and smiled all the time.31-year-old actress has been single since last year when it was announced her divorce with British musician Royston Langdon, whom she has a 4-year-old son Milo. Liv said after her husband left her, she felt physically sick and she could not live on, but she tries not to be upset for the child. Source: Liv Tyler affair with personal trainer.

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