On behalf of the singer Valeria scammers made millions

On behalf of the singer Valeria scammers made millionsJune 14 in Krasnodar will be held the concert of the singer Valeria, which the singer and her producer didn't even know.A few days ago to the producer Valerie Joseph Prigogine asked some people to hold the concert in Krasnodar. Joseph asked him to send his proposal to the administrator of the singer. Any papers and proposals from this man was no more, but in Krasnodar posters appeared with a picture of Valerie and a message about her upcoming concert."People hung posters, with no contract, no contract. We don't even know what room it will be!" said Days.Roux Joseph Prigogine.The producer wants to punish cheaters: "We don't want people to become a victim of fraud - some people that will gain at the expense of the name Valeria money and then disappear." It is unclear as a concert venue has signed an agreement without seeing the contract between the organizer with the contractor.The singer is worried about his fans, who will probably now buy tickets for liveconcert" in the hope of seeing her. Joseph Prigozhin has taken all possible measures to stop the sale of tickets."We have already appealed to the lawyers to prepare the documents to the Prosecutor's office of Krasnodar region on excitation of criminal case on the fact of fraud," said producer Valerie. Source: On behalf of the singer Valeria scammers made millions.

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