Fake muscles are Robert Pattinson

Fake muscles are Robert Pattinson Not so long ago, the paparazzi took a picture of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Italy, while working on one of the scenes of "new Moon". Pictures half naked and suddenly muscular Rob were published and lady.ru.It seemed that the actor is working on his abs, achieving the appearance of the coveted "cubes". But in his new publication, the magazine "Star Magazine alleges that the inflated stomach Pattinson is fake: it's just a skilful work of stylists.Certainly the decision of many to give Robert a championship in a poll from "Vanity Fair" "Most beautiful man" was influenced by that picture shirtless actor. But is it really his muscles, or does use a skilled make-up?A source told the magazine: "Over Rob was a whole team of makeup artists. They made his stomach as he looks in the movie and the advertising pictures. They used all possible tricks, including liquid paint, shades and sprays, so that his torso looked so inflated. Almost after each take, Rob ran into the dressing room, where makeup artists Tinker with his makeup. Rob, definitely not in excellent physical shape. He hates the gym, and never will be a relief to have muscles!" Source: Fake musculature Robert Pattinson (photo).

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