Natalia Morari decided to leave journalism

Natalia Morari decided to leave journalismMoldovan journalist Natalia Morari, considered to be one of the organizers of the protests in Chisinau, which led to the riots of April 7, decided to suspend cooperation with the magazine The New Times.The corresponding letter to the journalist wrote addressed to the editor of the journal Yevgenia Albats. In the letter Morari stated, inter alia, that "the ethics of the profession does not allow it now to be a journalist in her country".Letter Morari was published in today's issue of The New Times dated April 13, 2009; reference to Albats was dated April 8. Yevgenia Albats in his column in the same issue of the journal wrote that "took note" statement Morari, however, explained that The New Times keeps the front of her (the journalist) all its financial and other obligations other". The output of this room to The New Times Morari still on staff.In its submission to The New Times, dedicated to the events in Moldova, Morari writes that could not participate in the development of events in the country. She also reiterated that she was among the organizers of a peaceful protest action on 6 April, and subsequently started the riots, neither she nor her supporters have nothing. Source: Natalia Morari decided to leave journalism.

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