Basque and Fedorov stopped hiding their relationship

Basque and Fedorov stopped hiding their relationshipSinger Nikolai Baskov and former"Miss universe" Oksana Fedorova decided to demonstrate their relationship.A close friendship, Nikolai Baskov and Oksana Fedorova year already being discussed in the press. The tabloids even write about their upcoming wedding. Supposedly, Fedorova three months already has not seen her husband and she doesn't have a desire to communicate with him, and with Nicholas see it constantly. At a recent press conference, Oksana and Nicholas said that already dreaming about their children.As it turned out, the Union Fedorova and Baskov became even more creative. Nicholas has recorded with Oksana song "Right love" and paid for his own love story 100 thousand dollars, removing her video clip.According to his story the young people play themselves - not just lovers, but also very well-known people trying to keep their romance a secret from the paparazzi, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".The shooting took place in one of the luxury hotels of Moscow. The script to fool the paparazzi, Oksana and Nicholas rented a room in the name of the singer in the hotel and send their twins, knowing that the room filled with spy equipment.And while all the paparazzi attention is directed at the twins, the real Nicholas is dressed in the waiter enters the room Fedorova, who came to the hotel through the back entrance. Left alone, the couple is enjoying each other's company.During the filming of sex scenes Mykola and Oksana did not bother that they were surrounded by 25 people from the crew. In total on the set Fedorov and Basque spent almost a day."I understand that there will be different conversations. But I'm now on the rise both in creation and in his personal life, " admitted tenor. - So I don't care about idle talk. My fans will understand me correctly and detractors, maybe that will make a noise. I don't care, you can not please everyone".As it became known, after the shooting that ended in the morning, Mykola and Oksana got back together in the room where did not go out until the evening. Source: Basque and Fedorov stopped hiding their relationship.

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