Sergey Zhigunov called Zavorotniuk terrible woman

Sergey Zhigunov called Zavorotniuk terrible womanAfter parting with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk famous actor Sergey Zhigunov has long remained in the shadows, unlike his former lover, who used almost all print media in the country to promote his "great" love with a figure skater Peter Chernyshev."Nanny" did not fail to speak to the press and that Zhigunov was her fault, however, as all her other still men.- Sergei, do not have time in the First channel to start the sequel "Ice age", as Zavorotniuk already rioting. Refused to go along with You on the ice, you know?- I also have information of what really happened, but the details I don't know. I was invited to the jury, and not as a participant, but something we have not grown together. The organizers decided it would be better if I just go.(Recall that Sergei had to ride in the last season of "Ice age", but broke his leg. - Approx. ed.)- Nastya as much time with You - you woke up together, and fell asleep together. Is it not a shame to now endure her antics?- If she thinks she can afford it, let her do what she wants. That's all. The fact that she allows herself one last time, causing me only tenderness. I can say that to get back on the ice I can prevent only one circumstance - if I break the other leg.LoverOn the question about his rival skater Peter Tchernyshev, which went Nastya Zavorotnyuk - Zhigunov said, a little PowerNow shoulders.- They say that Chernyshev like not only girls, but Nastya he stole only for PR... this tells colleagues "Ice age", ladies figure skaters in the world.And all that talk about him on the sidelines as a man, would not comment, because they do not quite aware of his personal life. I have absolutely no complaints to this person. In my opinion, Peter Zavorotnyuk was just caught in a ridiculous situation.- Someone sharp-tongued recently said that Nastia fit to start to write a book tips: how to enchant, to pin down, to use and throw. Experienced advice. Something like this. Don't you think?I always enjoy watching what she was doing. Her actions, demeanor... Yes, what it does, I can only be happy.But romantic stories Nastya like one another as two drops of water to fall in love with a man, to receive from him all that you need, and go to another one. Is it really all the same?- Understand image of inventing new roles and need to have...- Brains?- You said it! Therefore, all practices, all the methods that she uses in her personal life, I am funny, I only touched watching it.Show- Zavertnik unhappy that you have come to the ice show. Maybe not worth it at the time so zealously to intercede for her before the leadership of the First channel? (We will remind, in the autumn of last year under the patronage Zhigunov Nastya was in the home entertainment show in the country. - Approx. ed.)- Good intentions pave the road to hell! Probably not worth it to participate in its transition to the First channel I regret it. She asked, I helped her. However at that point our relationship had been somewhat different nature.Recall that it Zhigunov arranged Zavorotnyuk in large-scale projects. Thanks to the Midshipman gave her the main role in the film "the Apocalypse Code", where Sergey was the producer. Then Nastya earned, according to administrators paintings, more than 100 thousand dollars. After that Zhigunov got her a job in another painting - "Shakespeare never dreamed of". Further, not without the help of Sergey Viktorovich Anastasia got on the First channel as the leading ice show and was getting a salary of 15 thousand dollars per day of shooting.- By the way, I can not resist going to quote to you the words of an ex-husband Zavorotniuk Dmitry Strukov: "Zhigunov will be her next victim.Scary to think how Stryukov looked then: the man was literally shaking after umelitsa Nastya tried to leave him "holding the bag". The same trick later she tried to do it with Zhigunov, if forgetting what he was trying to make her TV series the nanny, the great movie actress.- I have just one regret: that didn't listen in time to the words strycova. In hindsight I realize he was absolutely right and sincere in all that you said. Unfortunately, colloquial vocabulary, which he chose, was somewhat rough and caused me a rejection. If he is slightly intelligent formulated his thoughts, maybe he would get through. All that said Stryukov was the absolute truth. From beginning to end. I am ready to sign under every word of it.Sergey Viktorovich, how a man honest, I began to delve into explicit details of their lives with is not "the perfect nanny". But people who know their relationship, admitted that all the love Zavorotnyuk was built only on the profitable artist relations. At the time the former husband Nastya told us that she was a terrible woman who had never loved anyone.- She doesn't know the concept of "love", - said Dmitry Stryukov. - It is benefit.Monster- Stryukov was so angry, what was said then about Nastya is not a woman, but a monster.He was rightly angry! He's better than all of us knew her. It is a pity that everything he said was said in such a manner that it was impossible to hear.Sorry, I don't understand. All lovers and husbands Nastya - intelligent and successful men. How she was able you to drive around your finger?- Believe me, she is a talented actress.- She apparently talented to breed a man and ruin..."Well, Ahmed, it is also the ability. She is talented and creative. Otherwise it would not be at such a high level, as is now, and it makes an impression. The most insulting that all began to tell me the truth about Nastia only when we broke up. Then I got a real shock. Actually, now I don't want me to associate with this woman. This causes some not very nice tint on my life. She is now regularly give interviews and talks about his personal life. And I, as you know, is her past personal life. But nothing she has "no recollection".

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