Medvedev sends condolences to the family of Arlozorov

Medvedev sends condolences to the family of ArlozorovPresident of Russia Dmitry Medvedev expressed his condolences to the father of comedian Jan Arlazarov, who died in the German hospital at the 62nd year of life.Farewell to a talented artist who lost Russia, will be held March 11 at the State theatre stage. On the same day he will be buried at Vostryakovskoye cemetery.As stated by President Dmitry Medvedev in a telegram expressing condolences, "passed away talented entertainer whose miniatures became a festival of laughter, gave them cheerfulness. Speaking at different venues, he was able to establish contact with any audience, to engage people in collaborative creativity. All this brought him great popularity among the audience and the respect of colleagues on the stage".Honored artist of Russia, humorist Ian Majorowicz Arlozorov born August 26, 1946. His father was a lawyer, his mother a doctor. The actor was his great-grandfather, who worked in the Vakhtangov theatre. Thanks to him, Ian was fascinated by the scene and later decided to devote himself to art.He graduated from the Shchukin theatre school, worked at the Central children's theater. More than 30 years devoted to the Theater Mossovet. Then finally went on stage and began to lead his own show on a radio station.Health problems the comedian emerged several years ago. But to the experts he asked only in 2007. The doctors said that the patient complained of severe abdominal pain. A preliminary examination showed that he had a tumor in the gallbladder.After that, some time the comedian was still able to work. But in April 2008, Arlozorov was taken to a Moscow Oncology clinics, state health physicians assessed as severe. The illness of the artist was associated with the gall bladder and pancreas. German doctors until the last second fighting for the life of Arlozorov. He had done two operations, the preparations for the third, but the disease was too running. Source: Medvedev expresses condolences to the family of Arlozorov.

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