For Susan Boyle came the army of psychiatrists

For Susan Boyle came the army of psychiatristsDream Susan Boyle, flashed a dazzling supernova on April 11, a month and a half, may 30, deafening crashed in front of millions of viewers.48-year-old housewife from a tiny Scottish village lost the final show Britains Got Talent street dance "gang" Diversity from Essex. Days.Ru tell you why the TV show to the last day of competition turned to Susan from a fairy tale into a horror movie.Rumors that after the semi-final at the favorite all over the world nerves, prosociality through the walls of a hotel in London, where the contestants of the show, known in Russia as "Minute of fame". One evening Susan seemed to have let go of a strong language after flattering comment of judge Piers Morgan about the performance of her 12-year-old opponent Shahin, Jafargholi. From Thursday to Friday Boyle and all in tears, Packed the suitcases - as it turned out later, from that moment Susan placed separately from all the finalists. Moreover, her rescue sent an army of psychiatrists and doctors who would not leave her until the "x hours".Sunday, may 24, the show has become for the "Hairy angel" into a nightmare".

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