Ashton Kutcher became a blogger-`millionaire`

Ashton Kutcher became a blogger-`millionaire`On the social network Twitter appeared first blog with a million readers, and its owner is none other than Ashton Kutcher.The race for the right to be called the first blogger-"millionaire" actor led with the news giant CNN recently bought the most popular microblog on Twitter, and though it seemed unlikely win. Pogovarivaut, in large part thanks to his wife demi Moore, or rather the pictures of her. Also Ashton was supported by the company Electronic Arts, which publishes video games . In case of victory Kutcher has pledged $ 100,000 to the charity Malaria No More Fund for the purchase of mosquito nets. In the end a convincing win by a margin of two thousand readers."This is a victory of the people over the establishment. Commented Kutcher. "We can and we will create their own media. We can and we will choose to edit them and send. And censorship will only deal with ourselves". Source: Ashton Kutcher became a blogger-"millionaire"".

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