The fisherman made a scandal because of the low fee

The fisherman made a scandal because of the low feeThe winner of the Moscow "Eurovision" Alexander Rybak with the scandal refused to speak Russian award "Muz TV" because of the low, in his opinion, the fee.Norwegian elf, the immediacy of which colleagues were surprised a few weeks ago, turned in the strongest representative of show business.- Sasha is now painted every day almost by the minute, told LIFE.RU Svetlana Voronova, PR-Director of Muz-TV. First, he gave consent to participate and really got excited about it. However, in the last moment of his plans, alas, has changed. Now the winner of "Eurovision" tour.- He was to perform a duet song with Dima Bilan, right? What?- What's the difference, what if all eventually fell through. The idea, of course, was a huge... Sorry that did not work.StrangerReally, sorry. After all, even a fortnight ago, the Fisherman seemed to her, swore and swore that Russia as his second Motherland. Sasha in every interview said that he dreams of being on "Muz-TV". Looks like a charming boy with a violin "catch a star", or just cleverly pretended to be the world for him the tale, and not commodity-money relations. Representatives of the Fishermen commented on the situation with a feigned sad intonation.- Sasha is very busy, - told us the managers of the new stars. - Of course, he wanted to perform in Russia, but sometimes you have to do what you want, and not what you want...- Fisherman simply requested a rabid fee, more than the headliner of the ceremony, Katy Perry. And he, of course, refused to share the ceremony participants. - Star disease, not otherwise. Source: Fisherman scandal due to low fees.

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