Brother Jackson spoke about children of singer

Brother Jackson spoke about children of singerTired of the gossip that appeared around the family of Michael Jackson after his death, the brother of the king of pop Tito Jackson spoke about the children of the singer.Michael Jackson left three children: 12-year-old Prince Michael I, 11-year-old daughter Paris and 7-year-old Prince Michael II. After the death of his singer ex-wife Debbie Rowe's rumored that the famous singer was not the biological father of his two older children. The question that Michael Jackson is not the father and youngest son, has also repeatedly raised. All three dark-skinned children from birth white. Moreover, the girl was born with blue eyes.Tito Jackson insists that there is a test that proves that his brother Michael is the biological father of their children. "Everything you need to make those who doubt this, is to look them in the eye - especially in the eyes of the youngest son Jackson, Blanket (nickname Prince Michael II - approx. Days.). In these eyes I see again and again Michael. I see a lot in it Michael," says the brother of singer.As one of the Jackson brothers, that children are white, doesn't mean they can't be relatives of Michael. Tito told that one of their dark-skinned relatives was married to a white woman. They had three children, two of whom are white and the third black. And in school, many were not even aware that they are native."They are all children of Michael. Prince looks exactly like my grandfather. There can be no issues, they are children of Michael, at 100% it, " says Tito Jackson. Children similar as peas in a pod. They remind me of me and my brothers as a child".55-year-old brother pop idol assured reporters that, despite the fact that the singer grew up in the limelight, they are no different from their peers. They are trained at home with a private teacher. Not often watch TV, but I love cartoons. "What they watch, carefully monitored, especially now, considering what happened to their daddy. They don't need to see it," added Tito.Older brother Jackson assured that the children will grow in a very healthy atmosphere. They will go to College and succeed in their own business. Tito denied the rumor that Joseph Jackson plans to make three children Michael pop group. He suggested that perhaps the younger son will follow in his father's footsteps, because it is very similar to Michael, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Tito believes that Debbie Rowe, despite the fact that she actually sold children should visit Prince Michael and Paris, to keep in touch with them and be part of the family. "I would like to see her part of the family Jackson. We have enough love for everyone," he said. Source: Brother Jackson spoke about children of singer.

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