The authors `Coraline` are preparing a new joint project

The authors `Coraline` are preparing a new joint projectThe Director of "Coraline" Henry Celik said that he and Neil Gaiman, the author of the book that became the basis of the cartoon, intend to continue their cooperation, however, that it would be to film it this time, Celik did not specify, leaving fans of Gaiman guess nervously over his extensive bibliography."Yes, we definitely discussed. We will gladly work together again, but so far I can't tell you anything specific, because we are considering several options," said he in intevriew all of this, to work on "Coraline", Celik with the works of Gaiman wasn't familiar. Now, presumably, the educational gap of the film made up for, at least, "Coraline", the production of which worked for three years, he now knows better than the author.About his relationship with Gaiman, the writer said: "It was such a pleasant surprise - there was a sense that we are brothers. You know, very similar to my friendship with Tim Burton". (From sketches Burton Celik at the time put the "Nightmare before Christmas" that Studio marketers later renamed "the Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton")."As if we are one planet. It may, however, from different areas - he's wearing a lot more black than I," said Celik. Source: Authors "Coraline" are preparing a new joint project.

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