Edgar Zapashny hospitalized with injuries of both hands

Edgar Zapashny hospitalized with injuries of both handsFamous trainer Peter ZAPADNOGO Friday night was hospitalized in a Moscow hospital N7 with injuries to both hands. The Edgar operated at night for two hours under General anesthesia.According to the mother of the artist Tatiana Covering, the strongest of the injury, the trainer got in an accident. According to the Edgar ZAPADNOGO, the accident happened the day before. Right now, the artist is OK, but the injured arm to raise it yet."I too leaned on the sink in the bathroom in a country house, she collapsed on the floor together with fixed mirror. As a result, I fell, and the fragments are severely cut both my hands hurt vein, tendon," he said RIA "Novosti". "Native called the clinic in Germany, where I was operated on last year and last year, and the doctors there said that I need to get to them. So today I am flying to Germany, where, if necessary, will be done another surgery and was prescribed a course of treatment," added Zapashny.In 2007 in Germany Edgar Zapadnomu had surgery on his knee, injured in the result of a bad fall from a horse during a performance. Last year the German doctors had stitched the artist torn shoulder muscles. This injury Zapashny received while participating in the TV show "king of the ring".Edgard and Askold Zapashny - known trainers, the successors of the famous circus dynasty, which is more than 100 years. Artists work in different genres: the tamers of tigers and lions, jockeys, jugglers, animal trainers of monkeys. The leaders of the "Circus of Zapashny brothers" - honored artists of Russia, national artist of Udmurtia, the Champions of "Guinness world records", a two-time winners of the "Golden lion" and "the Golden trio", laureates of the national award "the Circus", winner of the prize "Golden bear in 2008. Source: Edgar Zapashny hospitalized with injuries of both hands.

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