Relatives can't share Jackson's children

Relatives can't share Jackson's childrenIn the U.S. starts a dispute about who is entitled to the wardship of the children of Michael Jackson, who died suddenly last week.Yesterday of its intention to seek custody of two of the three offspring musician said his ex-wife Debbie Rowe. Rowe was married to Jackson from 1996 to 1999, they met when she helped him to heal from the disease vitiligo - pigmentation disorders of the skin.Their intentions Rowe, being the mother of a 12-year-old Michael Joseph Jackson (also known under the name of Prince Michael and 11-year-old Paris Michael Katherine, said in his NBC interview. "I want my children," said the former nurse. Earlier the right temporary custody of their three children Jackson (the youngest heir - seven year old Prince Michael the Second, born to a surrogate mother) was transferred to Jackson's mother Katherine. Later it became known that Debbie Rowe is not mentioned in the will of the singer.Meanwhile, several U.S. media questioned that Debbie Rowe has a kinship with the children of Michael Jackson. According to the publication US Magazine, Jackson was not the biological father of his two older children. Fatherhood, according to information provided by the publication of various sources, belonged to the Los Angeles dermatologist Arnold Klein. Representative Klein said he wouldn't comment on this post.American blog went even further, stating that Debbie Rowe was the mother of Michael Joseph Jackson and Paris Michael Katherine. According to resource, Rowe was used only as a surrogate mother to her uterus was placed alien egg that was not fertilized by the sperm of Jackson. Attorney Rowe March Almli hastened to refute the message, and its client - state that is ready to pass the necessary tests to confirm its "natural right" to children. She also added that going through the court to prohibit the musician father, Joe Jackson, to approach the children.Debbie Rowe have to fight for that - except the right to life with their own children, ex-wife of the king of pop can count on a solid chunk of his condition. How did you find the omnipresent TMZ, the three musician's children will inherit 40% of its assets. The same amount will get Katherine Jackson, the remaining 20% will go to charity. To win this Debbie Rowe, apparently, will not be easy - in 1999, she had waived his parental rights, but the Supreme court has reconsidered this decision. Nevertheless, the court on the law of guardianship can theoretically take this circumstance into account. Source: Relatives can't share Jackson's children.

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