Garik Sukachev was seriously injured in the accident

Garik Sukachev was seriously injured in the accidentFamous Russian rock musician and singer Garik Sukachev became the participant of road accident in Moscow suburbs, near Khimki cemetery.On his Harley Davidson motorbike he was riding on Novoshodnensky highway towards the center, when the road suddenly jumped a pedestrian trying to cross the road, Interfax reported.Not having had time to brake, the bike Sukachev hit the man. The pedestrian received serious injuries and was hospitalized in a Moscow hospital by car to an ambulance, which arrived on the scene within 5 minutes.As it became known LIFE.RU of the singer in every region of Azerbaijan accident broken left ankle. He was urgently taken to the Central Institute of traumatology and orthopedics.The man downed Sukachev, - 37-the summer inhabitant of Moscow Alexey Martynov - hit the Botkin hospital with an open fracture of the left tibia and a fracture of the hip.According to the preliminary version, the accident the fault of the pedestrian - he tried to cross the road in the wrong place.Now the singer feels fine. According to doctors, he even talked to someone in the hospital on the phone and admitted that he was going to leave tomorrow with his wife and young daughter on a vacation abroad, reports the portal. Source: Garik Sukachev was seriously injured in the accident.

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