Poltava has refused to accept the donation of a bust of Charles XII

Poltava has refused to accept the donation of a bust of Charles XIIThe mayor of Poltava refused to accept the donation from the Swedes bust of king Charles XII.According to the newspaper "Today" to give the sculpture wanted "Association of friends of the military Museum of Stockholm" and a kind of private person on the occasion of the approaching 300th anniversary of Poltava battle.Mayor Andriy Matkovsky explained that the city administration does not believe in the historical and artistic value of the work of the sculptor Bernard Englund, and doubted whether it fits the concept of development of state historical-art reserve "Field of Poltava battle".Thus Matkovsky said that the regional administration should not interfere in this case."We know that this gift and the regional state administration is regarded as humanitarian assistance. If this help will come to Ukraine, we offer regional authorities to dispose of them in a boarding school place, a nursing home or other institutions that are in need of humanitarian assistance," said the mayor.In early 2008, the Poltava city Executive Committee has announced a competition to develop the sketch of the statue of king Charles XII of Sweden. It was planned to install in the historical and cultural reserve.However, later Poltava refused to erect a monument to Charles XII, and the decision was made a monument to the Swedish king to be close to the town of Svetlogorsk.June 27, marks the 300th anniversary of the Poltava battle, during which Russian troops under the command of Peter the great defeated the Swedish army, commanded by Charles XII. This battle was the turning point of the great Northern war, which allowed Russia to take over from Sweden strategic initiative and subsequently to achieve total victory.It is expected that the anniversary of this event will be celebrated in Russia and Ukraine. Source: Poltava refused to accept the donation of a bust of Charles XII.

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