Monica Belluci was beaten

Monica Belluci was beatenItalian actress Monica Belluci told about how one of the spectators who are dissatisfied with the film, struck her.The last days of Monica Bellucci shone at the Cannes film festival, presenting the non-competition ribbon Marina de van, where she played together with no less brilliant Sophie Marceau. And, despite the "sour" reviews about the film, the mood Monica was upbeat.This contradiction Bellucci explains his love of provocative films and the bright expression of emotion in the audience. "I love provocative films, - says the actress. - I like the hum of dissatisfied voters in the hall. Once one of the spectators even hit me - this was after the "Irreversibility". But if I listened to everything that they say about me, and all that is written about me, I wouldn't be able to remove".Monica admits that for the sake of her favourite scenarios and movies she was even willing to make sacrifices - for example, to lose weight, as was done for the film presented in Cannes, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets."I was asked to lose weight pounds at five or six. But I couldn't - I managed to lose only a few pounds," said Bellucci .The actress shared that feeling of envy of angelina Jolie and brad pitt, for what they managed to play together in the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". Monica thinks this picture "ideal for a married Duo and the role of Jolie and pitt thinks perfect. "To play just in order to appear together on the screen, we are not interested," she says. - Now, if we were offered the script like "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", I would not mind".But, despite the fairly lengthy acting career, Monica admits: "I still do not have enough contact with the public, I'd love to play in the theater, but feel that you are not ready yet. And, of course, I would like pleasant surprises. Life it and life that is full of surprises, and so, I would like only pleasant surprises." Source: Monica Belluci was beaten.

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