The TV show `House 2` held at the damn place

The TV show `House 2` held at the damn placeMarshy meadow in the vicinity of Moscow, the city of Dedovsk, which are pavilions of the TV show "Dom-2", the locals consider it a cursed place.There, near the river Istra, in the persecution of the Church militant atheists burned six hundred icons. Building a "House-2" on the goddamn wasteland, the organizers of the scandalous spectacle was bound participants to unhappiness.Problems in the Home-2 snowballing - long show Victoria Karaseva after months in intensive care barely survived, trapped in cutting at a pizza shell.Victoria, or tori - which on the project for 3, 5 years - died of an unknown illness. Disease even are unable to identify immediately. Treated back, and when quite young beauty slug, had a scan of the innards. Tori is a rare injury - the shards of shell from one of the types of seafood sliced thin walls of the intestine and esophagus. The wound festers and never heals. Tori literally pulled from the world. About a month she was between life and death. Only a couple of days ago the girl that many days was unconscious, was taken off the respirator.The popularity of the project forces the doctors to treat her with all the responsibility, and donors who wish to help the star, enough. But where are these diseases?- Injury of the intestine may not only cause discomfort, say close friends Victoria.Victoria together with Ruslan Proskurov longest lived in the so-called VIP cabin project. But everyone knows that in these dwellings - more problems with sewage and water supply. Some participants, despite the problems, locked in a wooden Bungalow forcibly. As it was, for example, with Natasha Pavlova and Sasha Nelidova.ConditionsVictoria Karaseva - survivor "House-2", but the experience in the project, as it became clear that health does not add. Quite the contrary...Is there something uncomfortable, " says one of the ex-participants of the project. - As if the environment itself is draining the power in young and initially healthy participants.Health check-up before taking on the project is mandatory. But almost every problems occur during the course of work-living in the House-2.MysteryA small monitoring project allow to reveal the secret of the black karma of the project.Shooting shows are held near the village of Pavlovskaya Sloboda. Settlement in the Istra district of Moscow is quite small, but... players, noted sacrilegious crime.This place was very fond of Russian tsars, under the decision in 1661-1662, here was built the Church of Annunciation. In it, prayed about the fate of the kings of the Rus. Peter's mother, Tsarina Natalia Kirillovna had a mansion. Under the arches of the temple hid during the Streltsy uprising Princess Sofia with younger brothers Peter and Ivan.Pavlovsk was connected with the capital by a direct road, which, for example, loved to go on a pilgrimage to the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.But in the 1930-ies of the Holy place was defiled - the Bolsheviks learned from him all the icons, and posted the first hostel, and then the branch leather goods Krasnogorsk factory.Anti-religious raids struck the town of Dedovsk, which is located across the river from the location. In 1929 the young Communists of his Grandfather's factory `vehemently held introductionso campaign. The working masses were deposited icons and religious items. All were put about 600 icons. During the Komsomol carnival icons were burned before a large gathering of workers and peasants.- The temple is being rebuilt, but the notoriety caught the local woods, - local residents speak.DeathThe mysterious death of one of the most beautiful contestants of the show 31-year-old Oksana, placeway scared the whole country.- The death of Oksana - as mark... after that I can no longer watch the show, there's something else, " writes one of the great fans of "House-2" on his blog.The girl, brutally murdered by unknown was buried in a closed coffin. The mysterious circumstances of her murder is still unsolved.A few years ago in the area of filming lost three young residents of Dedovsk - 11-year-old Pavel Sokolov and brothers Allshiny - 12-year-old Misha and 10-year-old Sasha. Later one of them found near a local cemetery. The police were assumptions about the involvement of Satanists to the death of children.NervesIn 2007 the project had deserted Semyon Frolov - he just broke down, escaped from prison. About their experiences, unbearable psychological tension that he experienced within the walls of "the House", he told the closest one to her father. After that Vladimir Frolov said that will not let son back under any pretext.- Seeds have a hypertensive crisis, but signed up for hypnosis, visits a psychotherapist and neurologist - that is, to what brought his project, " said Semyon Vladimirovich.- I will shoot myself if the son will return to the project, " said the father.Toxicity"The house-2" is fenced with a small woods, but right behind him are huge industrial buildings - production of several companies. One which is located closer to the other - makes refrigeration plant and equipment for accounting and control of energy consumption,Held in a large number of power lines.A couple of years ago in the woods near the house where they filmed the show "Dom-2" was found thirteen 200-litre barrels with toxic substances. It later emerged that in the tanks was the strongest solvent dimethylformamide with glycerin, and the slightest spark could lead to a terrible explosion. The drums tubes was white smoke.In 2005, the organizers of the show tried to "bend" for violation of ecology. The inspectors recorded the discharge of untreated sewage and domestic sewage into a tributary of the river Istra.The filth of "House-2" flow not only from the screen...RogueOne of the contestants on the show 26-year-old Aleksey Avdeev arrested on the project - a native of the city of Ilinogorsk Nizhny Novgorod region found out the woman he's deceptions took $ 1,900. Avdeev was presented by the realtor, took the money and ran, not thinking that she had committed a crime, Avdeev not particularly hidden. And got HOME 2, where he saw the victim.Previously Avdeev served sentence in the Nizhny Novgorod colony for theft of a motor vehicle and bribing officials. This time he was given a 4, 5 years. Source: the TV Show "Dom-2" is carried out on the damn place.

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